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Demetri Turin joined the world of acting quite late in life, joining Rose Bruford College at the age of 44, where he discovered his aptitude for theatre and character acting. Although his acting career began here, Demetri Turin has always embraced his artistic side; having spent 15 years tap dancing in his youth and playing the bass guitar in an indie rock band in the early 90’s.

After completing his course at Rose Bruford, Demetri Turin then won a scholarship to attend The Actor Works for a 2 year intense stage & screen acting degree, from which he graduated in 2014.  He also completed his Lamda Gold at The Actor Works, excelling in stage and screen combat completing the Rapier, Dagger and Unarmed Combat award.

Demetri Turin has written two plays which he brought to the Fringe Theatre, producing both and starring in one.

There is an obvious theme throughout Demetri’s work where he shares his alternate views on death and the afterlife. Having died once, from meningitis and having had more near-death experiences than he would like, these events have had a dominant impact on Demetri Turin’s work.

If you require an experienced actor, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Demetri. 




  • We will train you in how to deliver a monologue with confidence.  We can also film your monologue so you can at least show casting agents what you are capable of, should you not yet possess enough material for a showreel.

  • We can arrange a script/s and actor for you, then shoot and edit your first showreel for you.  Or you might simply want to add more material to your old one.

  • For corporate companies who deal a lot in events and public address, we can help/train your speakers how to stand and deliver a speech with confidence and power.  We will run a series of power classes either using your material, ours or depending on your timescale both.

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