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Demetri is alive....

Hello good people of the planet earth. Well, after a frightening period of having the Covid-19 virus and recovering...hence writing this blog. I have a need to praise the NHS. Even though I wasn't admitted to hospital, thank God, the NHS rang me everyday for ten days and spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me. They were nothing short of amazing. Both my doctor and the NHS were in constant contact with me.

I am naturally, just another cog in the wheel of the human species and my passing will in time be forgotten in the annals of time but for a time, apart from belonging to my gorgeous family, the NHS in this country made me feels special. Three cheers to them.

Those that continually moan at the state of this country, in regards to dealing with the virus should consider themselves lucky that they weren't alive in the time of The Spanish Flu or the Great Plague should ponder on a world without the NHS or the Furlough scheme. Naturally some will be left out but consider the alternative. Chaos, riots and crime would become the norm. So please, in this imperfect world, consider the past.

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