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Palestine Mayhem

Lets not kid ourselves here - Palestine/Gaza is an occupied country. Did not the Jews fight alongside the French underground movement in WWII against the Nazi's. Did not the Nazi's, in retaliation, line up innocent people and shoot them.

Hamas fire a few rockets into Israel, in response to the Jews awful treatment of the Palestinians at a sacred time o n Temple Mount. Most of those missiles full harmless into fields.

Israel then retaliates by sending laser guided missiles and sending F16's to bomb Palestine.

Something like 200 people are killed, including 9 children.

The Orthodox Jews stand at the gates shouting to the Palestinians, Mohammed is dead and death to the Arabs.

I repeat... Palestine is an occupied country, as was half of Europe in WWII. Did the occupied countries sit there and do nothing, were expected to do nothing or nor helped by the free countries, such as Britain and the USA? No for feck sake, we all rose up against this oppression.

And yet... the world allows the largest concentration camp in the world to exist and do nothing. All for strategic gain and advantage.

Shame on us all.

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