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So, good people of the world. Are you pro vaccination or not? Are you pro booster jabs or not?

I will tell you where I stand. I had both my vaccination jabs, which I thought was the right thing after having had Covid the first time. I was fine but after the jabs, I haven't been quite right since. I caught the Omnicron virus a few days ago and I feel fine.

I refuse to have the booster on the grounds my immune system is doing what it is meant to.

I have lots of antibodies 😊 Au natural.

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gary gaskin
gary gaskin
Jan 08, 2022

Good for you.

By every report I have from peers who have taken the shot (s), they do not feel the lessening effects of the virus but do in fact feel "foggy" and tired in most cases afterwards..

Please stay strong.

There is a new, safe and inexpensive medicine; "Texas vaccine" uses known elements and vaccine technology used for decades safely.

Jan 08, 2022
Replying to

Cheets good buddy.

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